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Einstein Studios x Amazon EdStart

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Einstein Studios is proud to announce that we were selected to join Amazon’s Web Service (AWS) EdStart Program. The program is designed for innovative companies that are building the next generation of online learning, analytics, and education management solutions. The criteria to be chosen include the following:

  • Organization demonstrates an innovative solution for students, teachers, or administrators that addresses a current or future challenge.

  • Organization must have a mission to solve problems within the field of education.

  • Organization must currently be working with education stakeholders to establish validity.

Membership in the EdStart program provides access to training, mentoring, marketing, and other support from Amazon. As Covid-19 has caused a significant disruption in the world of education, it is now not only important but necessary to invest in education technology (EdTech). In such turbulent times, we need to be adaptable in order to succeed. Finding new and better solutions for education is our goal. Just like the AWS EdStart program, Einstein Studios is committed to improving education for all kinds of learners by carefully constructing a secure, smart, and cost-effective solution. As schools are re-opening, all eyes are on the EdTech community as we prepare to provide families with the right tools for this upcoming school year. To learn more about AWS EdStart visit their website.

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