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As schools have switched to remote learning due to the pandemic, many children have had a difficult time adjusting to the new routine. Many have experienced burnout from remote learning. As children are more and more familiar with technology, one might expect them to have an easier adjustment, but unfortunately, it is not the case for most. Below are common reasons why students are struggling with virtual classes and how Koala helps alleviate such problems.

Computer literacy

Although students are generally tech-savvy, and thus able to manage computers well, lack of computer literacy is a major issue among students today. Many of them cannot operate basic programs such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint and therefore are not able to handle their files. Koala classrooms were designed to be a gamified learning platform. Similar to games like Minecraft and Roblox, students can design their avatar and move around with ease. Most children are more familiar with computer games than any other applications, making Koala easy to use and engaging.

Technical Issues

Many students are not provided with the strong internet connection that online courses require, and thus fail to catch up with their virtual classmates. Koala’s proprietary technology ensures better audio and video quality even with poor Wi-Fi connections. This means robust access in low connectivity areas. Therefore, more students can have quality instructions regardless of their Wi-Fi speed.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Certain methods of teaching might work for one student, but they will most likely not work for all students. This is very normal as we are all different, no one is better than the next. Therefore, finding what truly works best for a student is crucial. In particular, students with learning disabilities have struggled significantly to adapt to any changes. With distractions at home and the lack of engagement, students are falling behind. Koala was formulated to resolve this problem. The 3D virtual classroom allows for an immersive experience. Students feel more involved with the class and are more engaged. Gamification in the classroom has enhanced the qualities of engagement, participation, motivation, enjoyment, productivity, sense of achievement, and sense of accomplishment.

“This is a stressful, unpredictable time for everyone, including families, parents, and children,” said Dr. Hurst-Della Pietra, the founder, and president of Children and Screens. “You can help your children by providing them with a structure and routine and being a positive force in their education.”

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In 2019, Einstein Studios won the FABA Startup of the Year award! 🎉

The FABA Awards continuously encourage to strive for excellence and remind everyone how important it is to give back to the community and help others.

The nominees were chosen based on excellent annual results and lasting performance in management and leadership. A 120-person jury made of business leaders chose the awards, while the Start-Up of the Year was chosen during an open showcase and pitching contest.

As Einstein Studios began with VR Spanish classes, our founders later realized that this style of teaching can be expanded to other subjects – like reading (Here comes Orton Gillingham Reading Courses) and students! They realized that students without dyslexia also love our classes and learn better in the gamified world than the conventional class.

Side note: The remote control was originally created for people with physical

disabilities that couldn't reach the television, but now we all use remote controls because it is simply more efficient.

Then, the Einstein team took it a step further and created a virtual learning classroom for anyone to use(Free of charge!!), called Koala! An alternative to Zoom that engages students.

In a virtual immersion situation, the brain uses a large number of much more effective stimuli to increase a child’s engagement. That is why our classroom and learning structure is so successful. Free educational tools readily available online have increased the accessibility of education around the world. New technology can actually excite and empower students. Because so many children are already familiar with tablets and smartphones, learning through technological lessons will likely become more exciting than daunting. Teachers who use these tools may even see enhanced engagement and participation in their classrooms. Einstein Studios is proud to serve our community and empower kids all over the globe.

"Innovation in education is about more than just technology. It's about how you can use technology to empower students to become lifelong learners who are agents of change," said Steven Sutantro, teacher in Jakarta Barat, Indonesia.

Thank you to the French American Chamber of Commerce San Francisco for the honor of such an award!

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Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Einstein Studios is proud to announce that we were selected to join Amazon’s Web Service (AWS) EdStart Program. The program is designed for innovative companies that are building the next generation of online learning, analytics, and education management solutions. The criteria to be chosen include the following:

  • Organization demonstrates an innovative solution for students, teachers, or administrators that addresses a current or future challenge.

  • Organization must have a mission to solve problems within the field of education.

  • Organization must currently be working with education stakeholders to establish validity.

Membership in the EdStart program provides access to training, mentoring, marketing, and other support from Amazon. As Covid-19 has caused a significant disruption in the world of education, it is now not only important but necessary to invest in education technology (EdTech). In such turbulent times, we need to be adaptable in order to succeed. Finding new and better solutions for education is our goal. Just like the AWS EdStart program, Einstein Studios is committed to improving education for all kinds of learners by carefully constructing a secure, smart, and cost-effective solution. As schools are re-opening, all eyes are on the EdTech community as we prepare to provide families with the right tools for this upcoming school year. To learn more about AWS EdStart visit their website.

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