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2019 Start-Up of the Year

In 2019, Einstein Studios won the FABA Startup of the Year award! 🎉

The FABA Awards continuously encourage to strive for excellence and remind everyone how important it is to give back to the community and help others.

The nominees were chosen based on excellent annual results and lasting performance in management and leadership. A 120-person jury made of business leaders chose the awards, while the Start-Up of the Year was chosen during an open showcase and pitching contest.

As Einstein Studios began with VR Spanish classes, our founders later realized that this style of teaching can be expanded to other subjects – like reading (Here comes Orton Gillingham Reading Courses) and students! They realized that students without dyslexia also love our classes and learn better in the gamified world than the conventional class.

Side note: The remote control was originally created for people with physical

disabilities that couldn't reach the television, but now we all use remote controls because it is simply more efficient.

Then, the Einstein team took it a step further and created a virtual learning classroom for anyone to use(Free of charge!!), called Koala! An alternative to Zoom that engages students.

In a virtual immersion situation, the brain uses a large number of much more effective stimuli to increase a child’s engagement. That is why our classroom and learning structure is so successful. Free educational tools readily available online have increased the accessibility of education around the world. New technology can actually excite and empower students. Because so many children are already familiar with tablets and smartphones, learning through technological lessons will likely become more exciting than daunting. Teachers who use these tools may even see enhanced engagement and participation in their classrooms. Einstein Studios is proud to serve our community and empower kids all over the globe.

"Innovation in education is about more than just technology. It's about how you can use technology to empower students to become lifelong learners who are agents of change," said Steven Sutantro, teacher in Jakarta Barat, Indonesia.

Thank you to the French American Chamber of Commerce San Francisco for the honor of such an award!

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